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970 S. George St. York, PA (within Colonial Shopping Center) / Phone: 717-900-4132

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F.I.T. Club Group Personal Training

Fit Club
Becoming the best YOU through personal training with friends! (F.I.T.)

What is F.I.T. Club?

Becoming the best YOU through personal training with friends! Uniquely designed 45 minute personal training programs that allow every F.I.T. Clubber to work at their desired level under the direction of a highly credentialed F.I.T. personal training team. Your F.I.T. Trainer will ensure that you feel safe & inspired as you work within a small group of friends to achieve the best version of you!


Who can join F.I.T. Club?

See F.I.T. Club rule #2: You come to F.I.T. Club to get FIT! Being FIT is not required! We offer a FREE Consultation to prescribe & direct every individual to the services that will best suit their needs, goals, & wellbeing.




Pricing / Memberships

Single Session: $17

8 Sessions: $128

10 Sessions $150

12 sessions $168

Session packages expire in 3 months


Monthly F.I.T. Club Membership $179

Receive up to 20 group PT sessions per month
F.I.T. assessment with 8 week reassessment option
Self success plan through Fusionetics & app use


You will enjoy one of our most affordable training options ever offered. At 1/3 the cost of personal training, you'll enjoy the benefits of having a highly credentialed trainer, but share the cost among your new fitness friends.


All Pricing can be viewed through MINDBODY


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F.I.T. Training Programs

F.I.T. Body:

This full body training system allows the individual to work at their own level hitting all the important components of physical wellbeing.These biweekly designed sessions will challenge all levels & allow those new to exercise to be equally successful. We combine all your favorite tools; Flexline, TRX, Kettlebells, Bosu, weights, & more. Your F.I.T. trainer will meet all the individual needs of every F.I.T. Clubber in each session. No lack of energy here when you train with friends!*Ages 13 and up


F.I.T. Endurance:

This training system will challenge your heart rate while increasing your level of endurance. Endurance training is important in developing the ability to use your muscle(s) over a longer period. Timed periods of exertion allows the individual to set their own intensity level. The 4 week, uniquely designed session utilizes light weights, gliders, body weight, & plyometric exercises with provided options for those wanting a lower impact workout. This training system is great crosstraining for runners, perfect for athletes, & a wonderful addition for those wanting to get their cardio in. No boredom here, when you train with friends! *Ages 13 and up


F.I.T. Family:

Personal training as a family in a fun, friendly, & safe environment to enhance family wellness. This structured program introduces & improves body awareness, core strength, reactive response, & over all strength under the supervision of a F.I.T. Personal trainer. Fun drills & programming to keep everyone engaged! A family that gets FIT together stays well together! *Ages 912 with parent participation Check our special events calendar for sessions.


F.I.T. Fusion:

All the F.I.T. systems fused together! Whether you want to F.I.T. HIIT it, be on the circuit, or maybe you gotta Tabata......These popular concepts will be added in to fuse fun & fitness with our unique F.I.T. programs. Embrace the fun & excitement of not knowing what you will get! *Ages 13 and up


F.I.T. Mobility:

This low impact full body personal training system integrates balance, muscle stabilization, core strength, & bodyweight strength. Combining your bodyweight with tools like the TRX, BOSU, bands, & medicine balls. Purposeful movement that challenges the high level and the beginning level F.I.T. clubber. The 4 week design allows for progression, growth, & recognizable wellness achievements. Get mobile while improving your posture, balance, & over all strength with friends! *Ages 13 & up


F.I.T. Recovery:

This injury prevention & recovery driven system is one that everyone should add to their F.I.T. Club regime. Purposeful stretching utilizing the stability ball, straps, foam rollers, & a dynamic practice that combines isometric & PNF stretching concepts. Your F.I.T. trainer will be able to prescribe & adapt concepts to individual needs. Everyone needs to refresh & recover! *Ages 13 & up


F.I.T. Strong:

Previously known as SGT(small group training). Reinvented and revved up! This intensive split body training program will unite strength based exercises using select weight & rep ranges to challenge every F.I.T. Clubber. It is recommended that the F.I.T. Clubber be a regular participant in other programs, one on one personal training, and/or be involved in a regular fitness regime. Strength is power! *Ages 15 & up


All F.I.T. Clubbers are required to receive a movement assessment. Also included: *tape measurements, *machine body fat screening, *weigh in, & *goal setting. See a F.I.T. trainer to schedule your initial assessment & your 8 week reassessments. *optional ~It is strongly encouraged for safety, injury prevention, & effective muscle movement/ activation, that F.I.T.Clubbers perform their prescribed selfcare programs before(all components) & after(static stretching & foam rolling) every F.I.T. training.


We look forward to seeing you at F.I.T. Club! Be the best YOU by personal
training with friends! Remember the #1 Rule of F.I.T. Club is you ALWAYS talk about F.I.T Club!


Lifting others higher with a wellness journey that best serves YOU!


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Personal Training & F.I.T. Club Group Personal Training

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